Thank you for giving MZ CustomFit the opportunity to assist you with your garment orders. MZ CustomFit’s priority is to provide you quality compression therapy garments quickly and reasonably. MZ CustomFit’s services includes assistance in obtaining proper authorizations for lymphedema related medical supplies from your insurance provider, billing the insurance company, and product reorders. In additional, MZ CustomFit can work with arranging mobile fitters and in-services in your area to better support your needs.

Are there tricks for donning support and compression stockings without a donning aid?

There is a special technique for donning compression stockings (arm sleeves, support stockings, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings) quickly and correctly.

General tips:

  • Don your stockings first thing in the morning.
  • Use rubber gloves, such as those from medi.
  • Smooth fingernails that are filed to rounded edges prevent the stocking material from being damaged.
  • Put protruding rings on your fingers only after donning the stockings.
  • Manicured, smooth heels and toenails prevent the stocking material from being damaged.
  • Avoid wrinkling and overstretching the material by distributing the fabric evenly across the leg.
  • Do not don your medical stockings just by pulling the fabric upwards in one go, but pull it and spread it out in stages.
  • Avoid pulling up the compression fitting too high by ensuring that the stockings fit correctly: Knee stockings up to two centimeters under the hollow of the knee / thigh stockings up to two centimeters under the fold of the buttocks.
Your local medical supply store will be happy to show you how to don your compression stockings correctly and easily.

Instruction video: How to don medical compression stockings correctly

Donning compression stockings: Step by step instructions

1. Reach into the compression stocking and grasp the heel.

2. Turn the compression stocking inside out at the heel.

3. Pull the compression stocking over your foot to the heel.

4. Hold the fabric of the outer layer at the middle of the foot.

5. Lift the fabric up over your heel.

6. Use both hands again to grasp the material that is hanging down.

7. Distribute the fabric evenly over your calf and in stages up to your knee.

8. Now lift the fabric over the knee.

9. Check the complete compression stocking for their correct fit.

How do I don my flat knit medical arm sleeve correctly?

How do I don my round knit medical arm sleeve correctly?

Product tip: Donning and doffing aids from medi

Now donning is even easier with the medi donning aids. If medically necessary, the doctor can prescribe a donning aid.

Understanding Insurance Benefits

We have contracts with several insurance companies and a professional billing team that ensures each customer uses their insurance benefits to the fullest. MZ CustomFit can provide and bill for:
  • mzcustomfit-bullet-check Custom made and ready-to-wear compression garments
  • mzcustomfit-bullet-check Inelastic night garments
  • mzcustomfit-bullet-check Bandages and wraps
  • mzcustomfit-bullet-check Custom made and off-the-shelf breast prostheses
  • mzcustomfit-bullet-check Compression and mastectomy bras
  • mzcustomfit-bullet-check Pneumatic compression pumps and appliances


MZ CustomFit will verify your insurance benefits for coverage for our products and at what level you are being covered.
We have contracts with multiple insurance companies and can provide you with the highest level of benefits they offer.
We can be reached at (833) 488-1905 or emailed at

MZ CustomFit can provide mobile fitters in many locations across the country. We also have virtual fitting services to assist you as well. We have storefront locations in NC, OH and TX. In addition, we work very closely with therapists and physicians throughout the United States that provide support in getting measurements.

We can be reached at (833) 488-1905 or emailed at

Once MZ CustomFit receives the patient referral forms, we will contact the patient and review the financial responsibilities for the requested medical products and go over the stages of our process. Our customer support team will be in constant communication with the patient about their order and future reorders.

Yes, insurance companies require a prescription. The MZ CustomFit billing team will contact your referring physician directly for proper documentation. If you already have your prescription number and would like to reorder product, please see the Reorder My Garment section on the Patient Page.

It is possible for Medicare patients to obtain coverage through a secondary insurance plan. The secondary insurer may pay for the products with proof of a Medicare denial. We must file these claims electronically with Medicare in order for your secondary insurer to consider coverage. Pnuematic Compression pumps and appliances are usually covered by Medicare with proper documentation.
Typically, daytime elastic support or OTC (over the counter) do not require authorization from your insurance company and can be ordered immediately. Standard (off-the-shelf) products take 3-4 business days to be delivered. Custom-made products can take 10-14 business days for production and delivery.
Most likely the other provider was considered “out-of-network”, which can result in higher deductibles and co-insurance. The benefit of using “in-network” providers can result in lower out of pocket cost or in many cases no cost at all. MZ CustomFit uses “in-network” providers for AETNA (AMOENA), ANTHEM, BCBS FEDERAL, BCBSTX, CIGNA, HUMANA, MULTIPLAN, TRICARE(s) and VA, as well as many other insurance companies and regional plans.
In order to use your insurance benefits, you will need to complete some forms for our team. Once we receive your forms, our billing specialist will begin the insurance verification process. Once we know the details of your coverage, you will be thoroughly informed of your financial responsibility, if any, before your products are provided and after your claim has been paid.

Manufacturers suggest reordering every six months. It is also recommended to order several pairs of compression – one to wear and one to wash. Once these products have lost their elasticity, they are no longer useful in maintaining the swelling in the extremity(ies). Custom garments will need to be ordered more frequently. We will verify your insurance benefits and work with you on reordering timeline.
If you already have your prescription number and would like to reorder product, please see the Reorder My Garment section on the Patient Page.

Each manufacturer provides detailed instructions on how to apply and remove your products, as well has how to wash and maintain them. Your product inserts will also contain care instructions. We are also available to answer any questions you may have.
Medically effective compression products should be measured by a certified fitter. Our products are manufactured with “graduated or gradient pressure”, meaning that pressure is tightest at the ankle and gets less tight as they move up the leg. There are key measurement locations to ensure that the correct pressure is getting applied properly to the extremity. We also provide compression levels that are appropriate for the specific disease indication. All of these components will assist us with possible insurance coverage.

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Return Policy

We work hard to assist you in providing the most clinically effective products to meet your patients’ needs. If the product does not fit properly, we will work with the manufacturer to get the garment remade with updated measurements. We must be made aware of fit issues or exchanges within thirty days of delivery. That is required by our manufacturers. Please submit the form below to start the Return Authorization process.

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