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Our Mission

MZ CustomFit provides products and services to patients and therapists nationwide focusing on conditions such as lymphedema, vascular disorders, mastectomy, maternity, and musculoskeletal disorders. MZ CustomFit is a division of The Medical Zone, which has 25+ years of experience in certified fitting and insurance claims processing. MZ CustomFit:

MZ CustomFit offers the highest quality brands across compression stockings, compression socks, compression garments, lymphedema care, orthopedic bracing, mastectomy, and breast pumps. Our team provides quality products and services for the treatment and prevention of venous disorders and lymphatic disease. MZ CustomFit works closely with most insurance companies to assist in getting coverage for our products. We always work with integrity to abide by HIPAA rules, standards, and implementation to maintain patient privacy.

We are glad you chose us and look forward to providing you with products and services that are customized for your needs!


We offer a variety of forms, including those for product fitting and measurement. These forms are available for PDF download or can be filled out online through our custom portal. Click below to view all available forms.

Let Us Do The Measuring

MZ CustomFit can work around your patient’s schedule and comfort level. We can come to your clinic, they can visit one of our many retail office locations, or we can visit your patient’s home. We also offer Virtual Fitting Services.


Patient-Specific FAQs

MZ CustomFit will verify your insurance benefits for coverage for our products and at what level you are being covered.
We have contracts with multiple insurance companies and can provide you with the highest level of benefits they offer.
We can be reached at (833) 488-1905 or emailed at

MZ CustomFit can provide mobile fitters in many locations across the country. We also have virtual fitting services to assist you as well. We have storefront locations in NC, OH and TX. In addition, we work very closely with therapists and physicians throughout the United States that provide support in getting measurements.

We can be reached at (833) 488-1905 or emailed at

Once MZ CustomFit receives the patient referral forms, we will contact the patient and review the financial responsibilities for the requested medical products and go over the stages of our process. Our customer support team will be in constant communication with the patient about their order and future reorders.

Yes, insurance companies require a prescription. The MZ CustomFit billing team will contact your referring physician directly for proper documentation. If you already have your prescription number and would like to reorder product, please see the Reorder My Garment section on the Patient Page.

It is possible for Medicare patients to obtain coverage through a secondary insurance plan. The secondary insurer may pay for the products with proof of a Medicare denial. We must file these claims electronically with Medicare in order for your secondary insurer to consider coverage. Pnuematic Compression pumps and appliances are usually covered by Medicare with proper documentation.
Typically, daytime elastic support or OTC (over the counter) do not require authorization from your insurance company and can be ordered immediately. Standard (off-the-shelf) products take 3-4 business days to be delivered. Custom-made products can take 10-14 business days for production and delivery.
Most likely the other provider was considered “out-of-network”, which can result in higher deductibles and co-insurance. The benefit of using “in-network” providers can result in lower out of pocket cost or in many cases no cost at all. MZ CustomFit uses “in-network” providers for AETNA (AMOENA), ANTHEM, BCBS FEDERAL, BCBSTX, CIGNA, HUMANA, MULTIPLAN, TRICARE(s) and VA, as well as many other insurance companies and regional plans.
In order to use your insurance benefits, you will need to complete some forms for our team. Once we receive your forms, our billing specialist will begin the insurance verification process. Once we know the details of your coverage, you will be thoroughly informed of your financial responsibility, if any, before your products are provided and after your claim has been paid.

Manufacturers suggest reordering every six months. It is also recommended to order several pairs of compression – one to wear and one to wash. Once these products have lost their elasticity, they are no longer useful in maintaining the swelling in the extremity(ies). Custom garments will need to be ordered more frequently. We will verify your insurance benefits and work with you on reordering timeline.
If you already have your prescription number and would like to reorder product, please see the Reorder My Garment section on the Patient Page.

Each manufacturer provides detailed instructions on how to apply and remove your products, as well has how to wash and maintain them. Your product inserts will also contain care instructions. We are also available to answer any questions you may have.
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Medically effective compression products should be measured by a certified fitter. Our products are manufactured with “graduated or gradient pressure”, meaning that pressure is tightest at the ankle and gets less tight as they move up the leg. There are key measurement locations to ensure that the correct pressure is getting applied properly to the extremity. We also provide compression levels that are appropriate for the specific disease indication. All of these components will assist us with possible insurance coverage.

Therapist-Specific FAQs

Getting Started with MZCustomFit Step 1: Submit the Patient Face Sheet with Referring Physician, Plan of Care, and Copy of Insurance Cards Step 2: Submit the Request for Compression Services Document Step 3: Submit the Patient Forms Bundle - Notice of Privacy Practices & Authorization to Disclose We will take it from here! Ways to Submit Your Forms: Upload, Email, Fax, or Submit through the Portal Links Fax (615) 523-2953

What if I need to consult with a MZ CustomFit representative regarding insurance benefits for my patient?

All of our team members at MZ CustomFit are well-informed in insurance benefit particularities. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your patient’s benefits.

Our representatives have taken the time to receive certification by individual manufacturers and will gladly discuss your patient’s product options based on relevant, current, and detailed product information. Feel free to contact us to discuss your patient’s product options.

When encountering a case that may require further clinical assistance, please feel free to contact us directly. We have certified fitters with all manufacturers. We will be glad to speak with you via phone or email on how to best complete the case. Our direct line is (833) 488-1905, or send us an email at For efficiency in understanding your patient’s needs, if possible, please send us any combination of the following items:

  • Pictures
  • Measurements
  • Patient History
  • Physical/Initial Evaluation
  • Past modalities tried
We correspond with therapists through faxes in order to keep the therapist up to date on the patient’s order.

At MZ CustomFit we are here to assist you in providing clinically efficacious products to best meet your patient’s needs. If the product does not fit properly or there is a problem with the fabric used, we will work closely with the manufacturer to remake the garment with revised measurements or replace the product with a different fabric or compression.

If the returned merchandise is determined to be defective, the manufacturers, at their discretion, may replace the merchandise. A Return Merchandise Authorization number (RA number) must be obtained prior to any returned requests. MZ CustomFit will provide a return authorization packet to the patient consisting of an RA letter, shipping label, and a prepaid FedEx label. Our customers have a thirty day period after receiving a product to contact us, otherwise, we have lost our lead-time from the manufacturers to request a return authorization.

Yes, we will send out reminders to patients as to when they are eligible to reorder their daytime elastic support products according to their insurance policy guidelines.

MZ CustomFit handles all paperwork. After our clinical history form and product information form are received, we have the necessary documentation to facilitate a certificate of medical necessity to the referring physician for signature.

Use Your Insurance for Compression